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The Trauma Revolution
Easy access learning for all Therapeutic Parents and supporting professionals 

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Whether you are a busy parent looking for a quick solution to help manage your child, or a more experienced therapeutic parent/supporting professional needing certificated easy learning for your CPD, you're in the right place!


Sarah Naish, best-selling author of ‘The A to Z of Therapeutic Parenting’ uses her famous straightforward, no jargon approach to give you top tips to help you to understand:

  • Why children do the things they do

  • Why these behaviours happen

  • How we meet that behaviour to improve everyone’s lives


No writing required! Make a cup of coffee and watch the videos. You deserve a break!



Keeping your CPD up to date doesn't have to be a hard slog!


You can choose to watch any one of our videos from a targeted 10 minute strategy to a full day Therapeutic Parenting course. After watching your course, you will automatically receive a Certificate as evidence of attendance.


Why Do Children Do the

Things They Do?

New content is added every month but let us know if there are any additional topics you would like us to cover

Whether you need help with stealing and lying or are just feeling alone, blamed and misunderstood,  we have everything here in one place.

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