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Sarah Naish

Sarah Naish has developed models of specialised parenting that have had a national impact in increasing the recognition of the needs of traumatised children. She is widely recognised as a trail blazer in the field of Therapeutic Parenting and is a bestselling author within that.


She has helped and influenced the lives of many despairing parents with positive outcomes for their adopted and fostered children.


Sarah’s first hand expertise and understanding were developed through her role as a former social worker, foster parent, and as an adoptive mother of five profoundly traumatised siblings.


  • No 1 best-selling author of books on Therapeutic Parenting, translated into 5 languages. This includes her best selling book ‘The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting- Strategies and Solutions’ which remains the top seller in its field and is frequently issued to Foster Parents and Adopters in the UK.


  • Sarah is a sought-after media spokesperson in this country and abroad (particularly in the US), contributing to national publications. She is a keynote speaker at national and overseas conferences on child trauma including Iceland, Estonia, the US and Australia.

  • In 2020, Sarah completely overhauled the fostering assessment process by rewriting and piloting the new Therapeutic Fostering Assessment. This integrates all necessary foundation level training for therapeutic foster parents and has had a significant, positive impact on ensuring stability and improving outcomes for children.​

Sophie is a former child in care, and features in the Therapeutic Parenting Children's books as 'Sophie Spikey'. Sophie is the main administrator for the Trauma Revolution. 


Sophie Naish

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