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Did you miss our 2021 Conference?

The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma National 2021 Conference 'Survival Strategies for Therapeutic Parents'

If the A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting was your roadmap of strategies through to sanity, this event is your hot flask of tea or coffee, and a cosy blanket which will keep you warm, safe and well on your journey, ensuring you reach the other side, mentally and physically well.

During this conference we will share recordings of:

  • Overcoming Grief, Guilt and Anxiety in Therapeutic Parenting

  • Survival Strategies for Managing Schools

  • Issues and Solutions for parents who are also abuse survivors

  • When Your Best Isn’t ‘Good Enough’

  • Managing Violent Behaviour

  • Challenges and survival solutions for male parents and/or ‘second parents’

  • Stresses from working in a system that doesn’t work - The Therapeutic Fostering Difference

This conference is available to view on our training pass members platform, which comes with a 7 day FREE trial that can be cancelled at any time, so why not watch this conference for FREE!!

How to watch:

Simply head to Trauma Revolution and sign up, activate your free trial, once signed up you will be sent a welcome email. Then head to the Understanding Trauma section, where you will find the full conference to watch at your own pace, with all our courses you will be certified after the completion of the course for your CPD record.

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