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Did you miss today's webinar - Separation Anxiety?

Is your Child clingy, anxious, fearful of transitions, talking all the time (nonsense chatter)?

Are you not able to have a phone call, a conversation or even go to the loo without a constant stream of interruptions?

If this is your child, they may be suffering from separation anxiety.

In this webinar we will explore:

• What is Separation Anxiety?

• What is Object Permanence?

• The underlying causes

• How it affects you

• Strategies and solutions

Great news if you are a training pass member of Trauma Revolution you can now watch this at your leisure, along with all our other videos and courses within the Trauma Revolution for FREE, head to our Members Area and visit Anxiety

Not a member but still want to watch this and all the other courses we have to offer? Why not JOIN NOW!

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