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Did you miss our first session - Introduction to Trauma and Therapeutic Parenting 6 week Programme

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Did you miss yesterday's webinar on -

Introduction to Attachment

During this 6-week programme we are going to look in more details around attachment to gain an understanding of what secure attachment means and looks like, along with welcoming a child/ren into your family and understanding what is going through the mind of the child based on their previous experiences. We will then move onto the importance of being mindful of transitions and how they can affect children from trauma and the surrounding Therapeutic Parenting strategies. Next, we will cover separation anxiety and the behaviours children can display, giving Therapeutic Parenting strategies to help keep you sane when feeling like you have no time or space.

We know as parents we want to give our children the best, this includes treats, surprises, and big birthday celebrations, find out with our real-life experiences and parenting fails as to why low key is always best for children from trauma. Finally, we will end with looking into family time, the difference between contact and abusive contact, looking at what you can do as parents supporting children through contact.

Great news if you are a training pass member of Trauma Revolution you can now watch this at your leisure, along with all our other videos and courses within the Trauma Revolution for FREE, head to our Members Area and visit New to Therapeutic Parenting.

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