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All training pass members get FREE access to book tickets on any of our upcoming webinars, please see all upcoming dates:

19.10.2021 - Teenage Friendships and Absconding – BOOK NOW

27.10.2021 - Teenagers and Self-Harm – BOOK NOW

Starting 03.11.2021 - Therapeutically De-escalating Violence 4 Week Programme – BOOK NOW

10.11.2021 - Dealing with Defiance (ODD) – BOOK NOW

25.11.2021 - Dealing with Meltdowns in Public - All Ages – BOOK NOW

If you are a Training Pass member simply click the link, log in and it will automatically allow you to purchase ticket for FREE.

If you are NOT a Training Pass member, find out more here - TRAINING PASS

Can’t watch these live? As always after the event they will automatically be uploaded to the training pass platform.

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